Trust + Space = Creativity

David Heinemeier (37Signals), No More Remote Work at Yahoo, on Yahoo's recent decree:

What this reveals more than anything is that Yahoo management doesn’t have a clue as to who’s actually productive and who’s not. In their blindness they’re reaching for the lowest form of control a manager can assert: Ensuring butts in seats for eight hours between 9-5+. Though while they can make people come to the office under the threat of termination, they most certainly cannot make those same people motivated to do great work.

Well said. While I believe in the power of working face-to-face, everyone needs to break out of the group, remove the static and concentrate on making connections and new creative patterns. 

Bruce Nussbaum (, 3 Paths Towards A More Creative Life, on creativity:

We are all so connected these days and distracted by constant interactions. Our time is spent responding, reacting to others or absorbing, taking in new information. But we often lack the space, the time, the moment to integrate that knowledge, connect those dots, generate that creativity.