Things I don't like about Basecamp

Some of these gripes that to do with the fact that I'm the Basecamp owner so I see everything. Basecamp is either showing it's age or my agency has just out grown it. The ability to apply a single function (edit, remove, delete, assign, etc.) across multiple projects, clients or people can be very frustrating. Can't wait to see if they address some of these issues with Basecamp Next.
  1. Can't easily assign multiple projects to one client
  2. Can't easily assign multiple users to one project
  3. Can't easily sort, filter or search users
  4. Can't alert team when I upload a new version of a file
  5. Can't later add team members to discussion thread
  6. Can't tag Writeboards (ala Files)
  7. Can't attach files to Writeboards (ala Messages)
  8. Can't import images into Writeboards (ala Backpage Pages)
  9. Email alert subject lines should have the subject first, then the project name (I hate those brackets)
  10. Switch to a different project drop-down menu. The recently access projects is not initiative to me. I would rather just have an A-Z order.