LG Customer Service: Sympathy is futile

I'm trying the sympathy approach in my exchange with LG, but no avail. Never buying LG again.

7:29 PM Angelica: Hello Guest. Welcome to LG Electronics! How may I provide you with excellent service today?
7:32 PM Guest: Hi. I purchased an LG dyer on March 2. It turned on but is not heating. I've had two repair people come out, but there is still no resolution.
7:32 PM Angelica: I am sorry to hear about this.
7:32 PM Guest: I've clocked more than 4 hours on the phone with Home Depot and LG
7:32 PM Angelica: I see.
7:33 PM Guest: A customer service manager promised to call me back but I haven't received a call
7:33 PM Guest: I need some type of resolution this week
7:33 PM Angelica: May I ask when did he promise that?
7:33 PM Guest: I talked to a CS rep about an hour ago
7:34 PM Angelica: I see.
7:34 PM Angelica: Well, I would like to take a look at your case to see what is going on.
7:34 PM Angelica: Is your home phone number 973-7?
7:34 PM Guest: I'm reaching out on every channel to see if I can get some action of this
7:35 PM Guest: yes
7:35 PM Guest: 973-
7:35 PM Angelica: Very well.
7:35 PM Guest: Thanks
7:35 PM Angelica: Can I ask if you were talking to Charles, manager?
7:36 PM Angelica: I can see on the notes that he actually called you but unfortunately he didn't get an answer, so he left you a voice mail.
7:36 PM Guest: I only talked to a CS rep
7:37 PM Angelica: Well, I do see a lot of notes from different representatives on your case.
7:37 PM Guest: I definitely would have picked up the phone. My cell is 973-.
7:37 PM Angelica: They are from today, but on different hours.
7:38 PM Guest: I've tried through Home Depot where I purchased and directly to LG
7:38 PM Angelica: I see.
7:38 PM Angelica: Well, I could go and see if the manager that tried calling you is still available.
7:38 PM Angelica: If he is, I can ask him to call you back.
7:39 PM Angelica: May I ask what have the service center told you so far?
7:39 PM Guest: I desperate at this point
7:39 PM Angelica: What they're doing on the unit, waiting on some parts or something?
7:39 PM Guest: They told me they are waiting for the notes from the repair people
7:40 PM Guest: At this point, I would prefer a replacement. They have taken apart the dyer twice now
7:41 PM Guest: I don't have a lot of confidence that they can repair this one
7:41 PM Angelica: Well, as I can see, I'm afraid there are no notes from Tech Support stating that the unit has been deemed as unrepairable. Unfortunately, the only way we can actually submit a replacement order would be if the unit has been deemed as unrepairable.
7:41 PM Angelica: I do completely understand.
7:41 PM Angelica: The only notes that I can see from our Tech support state the following:
7:42 PM Angelica: "og tgetting power to the ignitor and renning not heating. ohm from the bd through system to the ignitor. spsect shorted wire from belt switch to the themostat the blowr housing
7:42 PM Angelica: First word would be Not. Sorry.
7:42 PM Angelica: Now, these are the recommendations they told the service center people.
7:42 PM Angelica: According to this, once the service center tries this, if that doesn't work, then they might be able to deem the unit as unrepairable.
7:43 PM Guest: Unfortunately I can't take the time to have another repair person come out to my house
7:44 PM Guest: I'm sure you can understand my situation. Two week without a dyer has been pretty rough with a household of 6 people
7:44 PM Guest: I need to have a functioning dyer this week
7:44 PM Angelica: I do understand.
7:45 PM Guest: If that can't happen, I really need a refund
7:45 PM Guest: or at least a replacement
7:45 PM Angelica: I wish I could something in this case for you, but I'm afraid that for policy, I'm not really able to.
7:45 PM Angelica: Well, there is not a reimbursement policy on LG.
7:45 PM Guest: That's the same answer I've been getting everywhere
7:46 PM Angelica: If I could just transfer you to our Supervisors, they might have the power to do so.
7:46 PM Angelica: But, we at customer service really don't have the power to. IF it was for me, I would be giving units away, trust me. (Probably that's the reason why we can't submit replacement orders).
7:47 PM Angelica: For policy, the procedure would be the following:
7:47 PM Guest: I understand you have no power to do anything given the company policy, but someone at management some at least contact me
7:47 PM Angelica: Exactly.
7:47 PM Angelica: As for right now, I can go quick and see if there's a manager on the phone that can contact you.
7:48 PM Guest: thanks
7:48 PM Guest: don't want to sound angry. I just want a working dyer.
7:48 PM Angelica: It's ok :)
7:49 PM Angelica: I'll be right back, just one moment please!
7:49 PM Guest: ok