Getting off my desktop and into the cloud

I've been trying to figure out a way to move my company away from hosting our email, website and file server. You think it would be easy given all the hype around cloud computing. But guess what, it isn't. After doing some research, Google, Microsoft and hosting companies such as Rackspace, still haven't figured out how to 1) explain it simply, 2) market it with any confidence and 3) provide a price module that makes sense for a small business. Personally I use Gmail and Google Apps plus DropBox, Basecamp and HotGloo which are very cheap if not free in most cases. These work fine at an individual or small group level, but at a company level it gets complicated.

There a huge opportunity here, but no one seems to be able hit the right balance. Google is coming closer, but still doesn't get small businesses.

Why does enterprise software always have to be such a mess?