When security destroys

Reading this post on the redesign of the $100 bill has got me thinking about how paranoid the US has gotten in the past ten years. Given the geopolitical situation (e.g. terrorism, nuclear proliferation, etc.)  coupled with over-reaction and paranoid, security has become a key influence in decision making and not just at the political level. It's everywhere. Everything from architecture to renewing your driver's license has become a set of barriers you must pass through. By its nature, security is there to stop, stall or at least slow-down the bad guys.  Unfortunately, as you can see from the new $100 bill, the impact on the non-bad guys is the same if not worse (the bill seriously ugly and confusing to boot). Design suffers, work suffers and our attitude about humanity suffers all in the belief that if we add one more wall we will somehow be free from danger.