Another managing through email rant

I wish I could remove the forward button in Outlook. Why? Because forwarding email is an open invitation for laziness. Everyday I get FW: emails from people without any explanation as to why I need to pay attention. If you are not going to put in the effort to summarize the conversation and give a clue as to why I need to be involved, then I will return the favor by not reading it. Here's some good advise on forwarding emails from

Never just forward email without a comment as to why you are forwarding the email to the recipient. To forward without comment is bossy, lazy and rude. Do you want the party to comment or review? Is there a specific issue you want them to address? Did you have a particular reason why you forwarded to them that specific email? Always let the recipient know why you are forwarding an email to them. Including what, if anything, you need them to respond to or what action is required by them.