Project scoping questionnaire part 2

Here's the final results of the Project Scoping Questionnaire I put together with input from co-workers and friends. It's massive. I wouldn't expect anyone to ask all of these question directly. I see it much more as guide or checklist when scoping a web development project.


  1. Please describe your business, including your products and/or services.
  2. What is your company’s mission/positioning statement?
  3. Do your prospects have problems that your business solves?
  4. In particular, what sets your business apart from your competitors?
  5. Why do you want to have a new or redesigned website?
  6. Do you believe not having a new or redesigned website will have a negative impact on your business?
  7. Describe why you are dissatisfied with your existing website.
  8. What is the overall objective for your website? Are there any secondary objectives?
  9. Do you have plans to expand how you drive prospects to your site?
  10. What offline methods are you using to convert prospects to customers, and would you like to replicate or move them online?
  11. Where is the sales cycle do you want your site to be positioned (awareness, interest, decision or action)?
  12. Are there future objectives you want to implement in a second phase of development?
  13. How are you tracking and measuring the success of your current website? Visits? Conversions? Revenue?
  14. Will you track the success of the new website by the same methods, or do you wish to employ additional methods?
  15. How do you define a conversion? Sales? Leads? Other?
  16. How do you plan to encourage repeat visits? Referrals? Conversions?
  17. What is your deadline for completing the website?
  18. What is driving the deadline for completing the website? New product launch? New marketing campaign? Branding redesign? Optimization?
  19. Once the website is completed, what are your expectations for bringing in significant business from the website?
  20. Do you need help with organic or paid search?
  21. Do you need consulting on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc.)?
  22. What is your budget for this project?


  1. Please describe your customers.
  2. Who is the primary audience you want to visit your website?
  3. Are there secondary or tertiary audiences for this website?
  4. Have you conducted any focus group studies of your customers?
  5. Are your customers segmented into specific groups, type or profiles?
  6. Of these segments, are any more important in terms of value or profitability?
  7. Is there a new set of customers you are trying to reach with your website?
  8. Describe the primary needs, concerns or desires that your website can help customers fulfill.
  9. What are the desired actions you would like a customer to take on the website?
  10. Describe your customer’s expectations for the website.
  11. By what methods do customers find your website? Advertising? Search? Affiliates?


  1. Please describe your main competitors.
  2. Why should customers do business with you rather than with a competitor?
  3. What competitive websites are your customers visiting?
  4. Based on your online competition, do you have an idea of how you want your website to look?


  1. Please describe the types of content on your website.
  2. Is there a website map, user flows, or scenarios for your current website?
  3. How many pages of content exist on the current website?
  4. On the current website pages, which content must be preserved? Will any of the preserved content need to be reworked?
  5. Please describe any new content needed for the website.
  6. Where will the content come from? Who is responsible for updating it? Is it ready for use on your website?
  7. Is copy writing required, or will you be providing the copy?
  8. Can you provide contacts or subject matter experts for the writer to interview?
  9. Are there existing materials from which the writer can gain insight and background?
  10. Do you have a specific writing style or tone that you prefer?
  11. Will you be optimizing it for natural search? Will you provide all meta data? In what format will you provide it?


  1. Please list the names of five other websites that you admire and why they are attractive to you.
  2. How much of your existing look and feel do you want to retain?
  3. Are you changing any of your key branding components? If so, who will be creating/designing these?
  4. Do you have any Web or corporate design standards or style guides that need to be followed?
  5. Will any original photography or artwork be required?
  6. Are there existing graphics that can be leveraged?


  1. Describe each of the main functional areas of your website.
  2. What percentage of the website is static versus dynamic driven?
  3. Describe any tools or applications (e.g. calculators, forums, ratings) that are used within the website.
  4. Are any multimedia (e.g. photo gallery, video/audio streaming, and Flash games) components used on your website?
  5. Is any website search (e.g. Endeca, Google, and Omniture) technology used on your website?
  6. Does your website integrate with any social media websites (e.g. Facebook, MySpace and Bebo) or blog platforms (e.g. Blogger, Wordpress and TypePad)?
  7. Do you follow any search engine optimization guidelines for developing your website?
  8. Is international support needed for your website? If so, which countries?
  9. Is Web accessibility needed for your website?
  10. Is mobile device (e.g. Android, Blackberry, and iPhone) accessibility needed for your website?


  1. Describe the technical architecture of your website.
  2. Do you have any existing diagrams, technical specifications, or other documents that detail your technical architecture?
  3. Is there a pre-existing environment for this website?
  4. Does the website use a content management system?
  5. Is an ecommerce system used?
  6. What platform are you using for your database (e.g. MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle)?
  7. Name the programming languages used in your current website. (e.g. ASP.Net, Java, PHP)
  8. Which Web server operating systems are used in your current website (e.g. Microsoft IIS, Apache)?
  9. What programming languages/technologies are used in your website’s user interface (e.g. AJAX, DHTML, and JavaScript)?
  10. What is your Web hosting environment for your current website?
  11. What platform are you using for your Web analytics (e.g. Google Analytics, Omniture, and WebTrends)?
  12. Is middleware used to connect with your back-end systems?
  13. Do you consume any Web services within your website?
  14. Does your website support any Web API services?
  15. Are there specific Web development standards or procedures that we need to follow?
  16. Is there existing data, content or feeds that will need to be imported into the new website?
  17. Are any security guidelines or restrictions employed around the website operations?

Review & Approval

  1. Which individuals in your company will be involved with the consideration and approval of the website design and development?
  2. Does your legal/compliance department need to review the website? If so, what is their typical approval timeframe?
  3. Will the same individuals be involved in the client acceptance testing?
  4. Are there any third party vendors or agencies who will be involved in this project?


  1. Who will maintain the website after it is launched? Will there be a dedicated team?
  2. How much time and resources do you spend online, responding to inquiries, leads, feedback, etc. that come in via your website?