I'm definitely a loser...and an idiot

The Gervais Principle (via Kottke) is an amazing analysis of corporate culture. Basically, it breaks down the hierarchy into three categories:

  • The Sociopaths - Type A personalities who are driven to success with sheer force
  • The Clueless - Those who drank the punch and are devoted to the organization to the delusion.
  • The Losers -  Those who refuse to drink the punch but who have have compromised in order to get a paycheck and a false sense of security.

I would classify myself as the over-performing loser which makes me an idiot too.

"...if you over-perform at the loser level, it is clear that you are an idiot. You’ve already made a bad bargain, and now you’re delivering more value than you need to, making your bargain even worse."