10 useless resolutions for Microsoft by Joe Wilcox

These ten resolutions for Microsoft are so completely vague and useless. Why would anyone listen to this guy? Ten resolutions Microsoft should make for 2010

  1. Resume giving financial guidance to Wall Street. - So giving Wall Street a bunch of useless forecasts will help things? Who gives a crap what Wall Street has to say?
  2. Spend even more on advertising. - How about spending more money on making your products work better?
  3. Engage enthusiasts. - Are there any enthusiats? Yeah .Net Framework SP5 is out!!!!
  4. Release an iLife-like suite for Windows. - Sorry shrinkwrap software is dead. It needs to be online.
  5. Develop a WebKit browser. - Meh. I guess this is important, but way too late to make a difference.
  6. Choose a Frontman. - They need a leader not a front-man. They need someone who can do stuff, not say stuff better.
  7. Open 50 more stores or cafes. - Why would I go to a Microsoft store? It works for Apple because they make hardware. What the hell will be in the stores?
  8. Buy Facebook -- and not Twitter. - Both don't make any money so what the hell are you buying?
  9. Make incubation projects your top development priority. So you are telling me that Microsoft should have R&D? No shit.
  10. Create a mobile Manhattan Project. - I think this one is pretty obvious.