Terrorism and Magical Thinking

Why do we keep falling into the same conversation every time there is a terrorist incident? The facts are that there will be more attacks; there is no war to win; and we are reacting exactly how the terrorists want us to react. Spending billions of dollars, using torture, invading privacy and heightening security are exactly what they want us to do.

Bruce Schneier - Is aviation security mostly for show?

"Our current response to terrorism is a form of "magical thinking." It relies on the idea that we can somehow make ourselves safer by protecting against what the terrorists happened to do last time...By not overreacting, by not responding to movie-plot threats, and by not becoming defensive, we demonstrate the resilience of our society, in our laws, our culture, our freedoms. There is a difference between indomitability and arrogant "bring 'em on" rhetoric. There's a difference between accepting the inherent risk that comes with a free and open society, and hyping the threats."