Some practical tips for my kids

  1. Never be afraid to ask for help.
  2. Never iron clothes. Send them to the cleaners.
  3. Don't buy cheap meat. It will be tough and you'll end up throwing it out.
  4. Don't buy cheap liquor. You will get a terrible hangover.
  5. Never drink then smoke pot. You will get the spins.
  6. Buy one good car and drive it forever.
  7. Start working as soon as possible.
  8. Don't get an advanced degree in the liberal arts or business.
  9. Learn to play an instrument that you can carry around.
  10. Learn how to sing.
  11. Learn to draw.
  12. Never buy warranties. They are scams.
  13. Learn to type.
  14. Learn a second language.
  15. Never smoke tobacco.
  16. Find a career where you are creating something, not selling or marketing something.
  17. Never use nails in drywall to hang anything.
  18. Travel to other places as much as you can.
  19. Don't fight with mean people, just leave or ignore them.
  20. Do not get emotional about business or money.
  21. Do not buy cheap things, they cost you in the long run.
  22. Save money, but don't be afraid to spend it. Money is of no value unless you spend it.
  23. Spend money on events (traveling, concerts and parties) not things. You won't remember the things.
  24. Throw parties!
  25. Never ride a motorcycle. You will crash.
  26. Never believe predictions or projections of the future.
  27. People are pretty much set in their ways by the time they reach 24 years old. Rarely do they change dramatically.
  28. Don't buy any furniture made of particle board.
  29. First impression are usually correct, but give people a second chance (only one chance).
  30. Always buy 2 things of toilet paper when you are at the store. Same goes for soap, tooth paste and anything else you use on a daily basis. It stinks to run out.
  31. Never take on a dare. The other person is risking nothing.
  32. Stick to black or brown when buying coats, shoes, hats and belts. It will never go out of style.
  33. Stay two years behind any technology. It will cost less and the bugs will be worked out.
  34. Leave a party when you are having the most fun. It will only go downhill from that point on.