Create your own punk band

I always loved punk band names. The best ones combine sex, violence, humor, and disgust. One of the standard conventions is to slam together something mundane or sacred with something violent or digesting. Some of my favorites are Sex Pistols, Bad Brains, The Dead Milkmen, Suicidal Tendencies, Buzzcocks, Reagan Youth and of course The Dead Kennedys. Just for the hell of it, I tried to come up with a punk band name generator. I create three columns in excel and sprinkled them with famous names, military terms and a bunch of random everyday words, then used a formula to randomize. Here are the first 20 I pulled (some could be New Wave or Death Metal):

  1. Sputnik Conspiracy College
  2. Truman Assault Organ
  3. Strike Attrition Angel
  4. Fidel Angel
  5. Commie Suburb
  6. Malta Drama
  7. Strike Days
  8. War Echo
  9. Counter Jesus
  10. Yalta Theory Daughter
  11. Bogart Society
  12. Cuban Death Stranger
  13. Watergate Mexican
  14. Trench Baron
  15. Travolta Imperial Race
  16. Secret Race
  17. Khrushchev Prayer Tendencies
  18. Superpower Eisenhower
  19. Nuclear Forces Mother
  20. Stalin Ragtime Marriage

Update! I forgot the most important part! Dirty words!

  1. Washington Prayer Prick (My Favorite!)
  2. Petersburg Muff
  3. Stalin's Cock
  4. Dick Citizen
  5. Warsaw Ass Dolls
  6. Nixon Slut Society
  7. Vomit Twat (Ouch!)
  8. Stallone Asscore
  9. Jefferson Shit Oi!
  10. War Fucks Bitch (WFB for short)
Nixon Spy Society