Exclusive cell phone/carrier deals must stop

After reading NYT's article, Customers Angered as iPhones Overload AT&T, it looks that AT&T network is at it's breaking point due to the data hungry iPhone. I've definitely noticed a huge slowdown in my area. This is especially frustrating when you are paying a premium. AT&T is mostly to blame, but Apple also deserves some of the criticism. Why is god's name did Apple have to sign a exclusive deal with AT&T? It's a symptom of the whole carrier dominated U.S. market. Elsewhere, Europe and Asia, you are free to jump from carrier to carrier. No yearly contracts with exclusive phones.  If Apple had just allowed all the carriers to sell their phone, the huge data load would have been distributed over a number of networks, not just one. AT&T must have a cut a sweet deal with Apple to get the exclusive rights, but in the end it works to neither of their advantage.