Games I'm playing


  • Assassin's Creed - Just started this game. Still trying to get used to the controls. It's like Prince of Persia meets Thief meets Knights of the Republic.
  • Gears of War 2 - Finished the game. Mostly playing against the Horde online.  I usually sneak upstairs and play a few rounds before the kids notice I'm gone.
  • Fallout 3 - This game is huge and too much of a time suck. I don't know if I will every finish it, but I still love it.


  • GeoDefense - Good alternative to Fieldrunners which hasn't been updated since February. You broke my heart Fieldrunners! I thought we had something together :(
  • CartoonWars - This one is OK. Slightly buggy and not much in the way of strategy. I do like the clunky, cut-and-paste monsters, but the "stick figure" art style is getting a little played out.

Nintendo DS

  • ChronoTrigger - It's your classic Japanese RPG, but I liked Dragon Quest V much better. The fighting mode is a little repetitive and slow. Why the heck do I have to wait at the end of every battle for my team to walk back to me?!!

Nintendo Wii

  • ????? - They haven't put out a good title for at least 9 months. Last thing I played was the mind-blowing World of Goo which was done by 2 guys on a shoe string budget. I think Nintendo is heading for a downturn with the Wii platform. I know they are trying to broad the game playing audience, but the quality and imagination is suffering. Enough with the mini-carnival games and updates of classics!