iTunes: Rent vs. Buy.

First, I love movies. Second, I have small children. As a result, I never get to watch movies which was the primary reason I bought the iPhone. With the iPhone, I can watch a movie throughout the small, free-time gaps in an average day (usually within the confines of the bathroom). There in lies the rub. In iTunes, you can either buy or rent and in some cases you may only have one of the two options. I've tried both options and neither work for me. Buying is too expensive ($15.00) and why do I want to own a digital copy? I rarely will watch a movie again unless I happen upon it on TV. Renting is less expensive ($5.00), but there is a 24-hour time period in which you can watch the film once you start. Don't these people have kids? Disaster could strike at any moment. A kid could choke on some gum, fall down down a well or "accidentally" run into Daddy's clenched fist. A 24-hour window is just too small.

There is a third option, Bit Torrent, but I don't have the time to search, download, reformat, watch out for Trojan Horses, etc.  Besides, I'm a fairly honest guy and want to actually pay for someone's hard work. Even if the movie is a bomb.

Is there a legal third option? I haven't found it yet, but I hope the movie companies get a clue and provide one.