New Facebook has no anchor

I think I've figured out (if only partially) why there has been a huge backlash against Facebook's new user interface. There is no anchor. In previous versions, the UI was centered around you. When you logged in, there was a large picture of yourself, serving as a visual confirmation that "Yes, you have logged into your account and this is your information". In the new interface, everything is been flipped around. When you log in, the focus is not on you, but on what everyone else in doing (aka the news feed). Case in point. This morning I went to Facebook and started posting comments on photos of a friend's nice baby. I wrote something like "Are you sure you want to do this baby thing? Maybe adoption is the answer". Not very nice, but she would expect that from me. After laughing to myself,  I started surfing around and noticed a few strangers amongst by friends. Then came the "You stupid idiot! You are logged into your wife's account." I should have noticed the tiny 110× 200px image of myself sandwiched between the left navigation and "what on your mind?" box or by my name in 8pt font in the upper right hand corner. Thanks a lot Facebook.

I get why Facebook did this. They want individuals to easily see and interact with their other. However, by removing individual from the center, the user is without an anchor, lost in a crowd of friends.