iTunes Search: Breaking bad

iTunes search stinks. With all the accolades around Apple's hardware and software design, you would think they would have this down, especially in iTunes. This type of search results just doesn't work for me. Neither does the dark background. itunes_search_results1

Breaking all of the results into different media formats (albums, movies, tv seasons, application, audiobooks, podcasts, itunes...ugh) I think adds to the confusion. Also, there's still is a huge emphasis on music or in this case albums (didn't the album die a couple years back?). A simple list of ranked items (regardless of format) would be much more helpful and comfortable to anyone who has used a search engine.

iTunes does include your typical search results, but it's buried far down the screen and treated like an excel spreadsheet. Not too much love here, but at least the first item was what I was looking (Breaking Bad's most recent episode).


This looks like a case where design won over function. I'm guessing the design team found your typical search results boring and decided to "design outside the box".