MacGyver. It's a man show. You wouldn't understand.

Here's a facebook message I receive from a friend in Seattle, who by the way works for a huge, evil company that starts with "M" and ends with "soft". Being a girl, her brain just can't comprehend the logic of shows like Airwolf, A-Team, MacGyver and Knight Rider. Her questions "I forgot to mention Magnum PI and McGyver, all available on Netflix via Xbox. My question is how did they fly airwolf all over the world without stopping for fuel? was there fuel station in the mountain? maybe stringfellow hawk discovered oil in the cave where airwolf was hiding out? and how did CIA never manage to follow them and find cave? were sat photos unavailable???"

The obvious answers 1. The helicopter runs on solar power. First "green" TV show 2. The helicopter has incredible stealth capabilities. It's a "wolf is sheep's clothing". 3. The CIA satellite photos had very low resolutions back in the 80s. It was all just a blurry mess. 4. Never question Airwolf, MacGyver, Magnum PI or A-Team. These are man shows and men know best little lady!

In her defense, these shows are un-watchable now. I don't even think my 7 year old could sit through one for 5 minutes.

Was I really that dumb back then? Yes I was.