Marketing Genius?

If you have ever worked with a marketing department, rarely does the word "genius" come to mind. However, I would like to tip my hat to the people who came up with the concept of coffee cake. Coffee cake is one example where just simply changing the name of something creates a completely new avenue. I think this is how the that historical conversation went:

Marketer 1: "Dude, we are not selling enough cake!"

Marketer 2: "I know. I saw the numbers. My bonus is going to suck this year" [big sigh]

Marketer 1: "I don't get it. Cake is awesome. So why aren't people eating more of it?"

Marketer 2: "Maybe because there's only a limited number of birthday parties in a year?"

Marketer 1: "Yeah. It's not like people are going to eat cake for breakfast everyday. [big laugh]"

Marketer 2: "Wait just a minute! Said that again?" [light bulb appears]

Marketer 1: "People aren't going to eat cake for breakfast." [slowly]

Marketer 2: "Who says people can't eat cake for breakfast?" [defiant tone]

Marketing 1: "That just might be crazy enough to work!" [fist pounding on the desk]

Marketer 2: "But we can't call it just "Cake". It needs something else. Something more breakfasty." [scans room for some clue]

Marketer 1: "What about just "Breakfast Cake?" [raises finger in air as if it was a great idea]

Marketer 2: "Too generic." [rolls eyes in contempt of co-worker]

Marketer 1: "Morning Loaf?..." [meek tone]

Marketer 2: "I leave one of those every morning after my first cup of coffee." [big laugh]

Marketer 1: "Coffee Cake?" [grasping at straws]

Marketer 2: "That's it! People love coffee, but they need something to stuff their fat faces with in the morning. Why can't that be cake?" [the 2 marketers hi-five and the scene fades to black]

And the rest is goes down in delicious pastry history...