Christmas with the foreigners

I heard on the radio about how Christmas is celebrated in Norway. Two gnomes show up. One with presents and one to eat your porridge. I decided to investigate some other countries to see what they are up to these days. Freakin' nutty holiday.

  • Norway has two gnomes or elfs. Nisse guards farm animals and plays tricks on childern if they don't leave him a bowl of porridge. Julebukk is a goat-like creature who brings the gifts (Goat eyes creep me out).
  • Germany has a guy called Weihnachtsmann (Christmas man) who is similar to Santa Claus.
  • Holland has the traditional Saint Nicholas but he journeys in a boat with a guy named Black Peter who dresses in Spanish clothes (Nice. Get the Mexican guy to drive you).
  • The Swiss have Christkindli, the Christ child, who brings gift in a sleigh pulled by reindeer (How the heck does a baby carry all those presents?)
  • The Czech Republic has Svaty Mikalas who climbs down on a golden rope from heaven with an angel and a devil carrying a whip (The pleasure and the pain).
  • In Italy, the childern wait for Befana, an ugly witch on a boomstick, to bring presents. Supposedly she missed going with the 3 kings to see baby Jesus so she is forever flying around lost (Women cannot read maps).
  • The Austrians have Heiliger Nikolaus who give the kids candy, nuts and fruit (What? No Wii Fit! I got ripped off)

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