I strained my lower back a few days ago and ended up in bed for almost a week. I watched a lot of daytime TV. Because I kept losing the remote, I was "forced" to watch a multitude of info commercials. It was the typical faire. Amazing food appliances, weight loss programs and bathroom cleaners. Most were pitched by that yelling guy with the beard that looks like it was painted on his face. God I hate that beard. I half paid attention until I saw Vince from ShamWOW! I don't know what it is about Vince, but I found myself actually thinking about buying ShamWOW. I'm guessing it's his matter-of-fact delivery. No yelling. No crazy demonstrations with trucks or sledgehammers. Just Vince, a piece of carpet, a bottle of coke and a bowl of water. It's like his saying, "Psssss...hey you...yeah you. Stop being a paper towel buying jerk and get the ShamWOW. Don't be a loser. Call now."

I think this guy has got what it takes to wipe the beard off that OxyClean dude.