Enterprise vs. Consumer

I recently had to upgrade to Office 2007 and it got me thinking about how far consumer software and hardware has come in comparison to enterprise (company sanctioned) . I remember a time when I anticipated coming into the office because 1) I had a faster connection 2) a faster computer and 3) better software. But in the past 3 years or so that has completely flipped. Now, I dread logging into my computer. My connection is slow. My computer is slower (probably because of the slow network). The software is just rehashed from Office 2000 or 3 versions back from the current. I can go out a sign up for a free google account and instantly have better or at least the equivalent of what has been loaded my computer. Don't believe me, then just answer these questions.

Which would you rather use?

  1. Your office phone or cell phone?
  2. Your IBM ThinkPad or Mac Powerbook?
  3. MS Outlook or Gmail?
  4. MS Project or Basecamp?
  5. MS Sharepoint or Wiki?