Software I constantly use

  • Notepad - Word editor. Call me crazy, but I usually write out everything in notepad. I can't stand waiting for Word to open just to jot down a few ideas or list of items. It opens in under a second and there no paperclip trying to second guess my every move.
  • Homesite - HTML/CSS editor. This is a really old piece of software, but I can't seem to switch to something else. The new text editor's always seem to get in my way when trying to do simple stuff. When my OS doesn't support this anymore, I will be very sad.
  • Snagit - Screen capture and more. Hands down best screen capture tool out there. Not only does it scroll the entire page, but also does other things like capture text from a page. It's also has a good image editor build it.
  • Basecamp - Project management and intranet. I wished for this type of application for a long time. It's simple, fast and just works.
  • Trillian - Instant messaging. Cross platform IM. I can manage multiple account (one for work and one for fun) across MSN, AIM, Google Chat and Yahoo.
  • Firefox - Web browser. Loads in less than half the time and tons of useful pluggins. Why anyone still uses IE is beyond me?
  • ColorPix - Color capture. Ever wonder what color someone is using in a particular website? Rather than capturing the screen and sampling the color in a image editor, this app takes seconds and give you the RGB, HEX, HSB and CMYK values. The makers of ColorPix also have another great tool called ColorSchemer.
  • iGoogle - RSS reader. I can check all my RSS feeds and Gmail in one glance. Fast, stripped down interface with no distacting banner or text ads.