Here's your new job. You've only got about 2 years.

Sometimes I really get depressed about the internet industry. Every 2 years, like clockwork, something changes (either the company is acquired or there is a management shake up, etc...) and I end up having to consider whether to move on or stay. The depressing part is not the change, but losing all the equity I've built up. And when I say "equity", I don't mean monetary. I mean knowledge and trust.

For me, trust is the more important of the two because it takes a significant amount of time and work to create. When you start a new job, you have to build up trust with your immediate co-worker, bosses and ultimately the entire company. There's no way to speed this up. Only over time can you and your co-workers began to understand how to work together and trust one another's skills, decisions and expertise.

Same goes for the company. The company also has to build trust with its employees to do right by them. I just wish more companies would realize it's importance. It's something that cannot be replaced with 'team building' exercises, outsourced or simply ignored.