Happy Birthday! Here's your Pap smear.

My wife's birthday is coming up and she received this wonderful card from the VP of Global Benefits & Resources at J&J.

Give yourself one of the most important gifts of all, the gift of good health. Preventive exams can make a big difference in your life and your health. One example is the Pap smear, the potentially lifesaving test that screens for cervical cancer...

What a great thing to be reminded of on your birthday.

  • Balloons? Check.
  • Cake? Check.
  • Presents? Check.
  • Cancer? Not sure. Make appointment with Gynecologist for smear.

This actually works out for me. Anything I get her will definitely be better than this. Thanks J&J.

BTW...Also could you do me a favorite and send her a reminder of an even more embarrassing medical exam next year? I want my present to look even more awesome than this years!