Hello? Anyone there? It's me...down in the well.

A recent experience with trying to a get a quick answer about a Motorola headset got me Down in a holethinking about how many companies still don't get search. I was looking for a simple answer on how to connect a Motorola H500 headset to my wife's Razr. You are supposed to put the headset in "discoverable mode", but I couldn't remember how to do it. So I did like anyone else and went to Google and typed "motorola h500 headset discoverable mode". I was expecting to find a direct link to a Motorola page with the instructions, but all I found was product reviews, forums and blogs and no results from Motorola. After trying a number of other searches, I gave up and went to motorola.com...big mistake. Motorola's site is a maze of pdfs, micro-flash sites and empty navigational pages. No wondering none of their information was being indexed by Google.

A long story short, I finally found the answer when I noticed the instructions in a search results snippet from a company site that provides software for connecting Bluetooth headsets with Skype.

Here's the snippet: "With the headset off, hold down the Call button for 6 to 10 seconds until the light stays lit."

Well that was easy, but why couldn't Motorola have made finding that information just as easy?

The days of flashy brand experience sites are over. A plain old Web site with text, links and your logo in the corner will beat any 3 million dollar user-centric, agency designed site. If your homepage is burdened with embedded flash intros, DHTML drop-down menus or gigantic images of your products, you might as well be behind a mountain, down a well and under a rock. No one is going find you.