If you don't trust me, why did you hire me?

I wish more companies would follow the agile/lean approach to management. It's amazing how little most executives trust their employees to do the right thing. Most places try to replace trust with either fear or something even worse the dreaded process. Here are the main principles according to Ron Bieber's article “Agile / Lean or Common Sense and Permission To Change?” :

  • Trust people to do the right thing for the company
  • Give them freedom and authority to work the way they want to
  • Push decisions down the chain as far as possible
  • Work in small batches and change things that aren’t working
  • Allow those who are capable of leading to lead, no matter what their title or position is
  • Put quality checks in place - whether it be test-driven development, or quality checks at each step in an assembly
  • Fix problems at the core and stop the line as quickly as possible - in development this would be TDD and automated builds. Once a problem is found, find the root cause and put a test or quality check in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again
  • and finally, Trust people to do the right thing for the company