Semi-Final Adulthood

Most of my driving life has been spent in less than stellar cars. In the beginning, each car had at least 50K miles on it to start. Most were all sold for under $1,000 in a mall parking lot to someone just entering or leaving the country. Here’s my full car history: High School

  • Honda Civic - Green hatchback...rock on.
  • Ford Ranger - I got this re-painted blue for $99 bucks. The blue was never quite right.
  • Volvo Sedan - Some sort of beige color. This thing was a total hog. Absolutely no pick-up. It had a weird Overdrive button on the automatic shifter which I suspect was connected to nothing.


  • Mercedes 300 Diesel - I loved filling up my car next to an 18 wheeler.
  • VW Fox - Talk about a piece. Every knob and electrical device broke on this thing. The RPG gauge would flip back and forth from 0 to 10,000. Also a weird white smoke would come out of the AC vents. Mostly likely cancerous.

Semi-AdulthoodVolkswagen Fox

  • Toyota Tacoma - This was a new car which was cool, but the excitement last about 1 week. How excited can you get about an $11,000 truck? 1 week's worth that’s how much.
  • Isuzu Rodeo - Another new car, but different problem. Who can get excited about a car named “Rodeo”? This car also left a bad taste in mouth literally. An old bottle of milk had been spilled in the back. As the temperature went up so did the stench. Only recommended for winter driving!


  • Honda CRV – I got everything you could on this car. Again I was excited, but then I started to notice that the profile of CRV driver was really old to about to take a dirt nap.

Semi-Final AdulthoodHonda Pilot

  • Honda Pilot – Ok. I know this car is a half-step up from a mini-van, but damn is it comfortable. It has leather, navigation, satellite radio, a rear-view camera and most importantly a lot of room. I can finally sit up high and proud and declare myself as an adult with an adult-like car. I’ve finally sold out.

Semi-Mid-Life Adulthood Crisis What’s next? The Lexus SC 430 I hope.